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Wesley Hardman
Registered Piano Technician
202 Monticello Scottsboro AL 35768
Dedicated service in tuning, repairs, and rebuilding since 1975
Serving the Greater Scottsboro Area

Piano Tuning & Repairs | Scottsboro, Guntersville, Boaz AL

Do you believe that your piano is not functioning to its fullest potential? For over 40 years, Hardman Piano Service, LLC has provided piano tuning, repairs, and rebuilding in Scottsboro, AL and surrounding communities. I can look at your piano to see why it sounds the way that it does.

I offer a variety of services including piano tuning, piano accessories, tone voicing, piano rebuilding, humidity control, and so much more.

My customers have come to appreciate the personal interest and attention that I give to each of my clients who trust me to work on their beloved pianos. If your piano doesn’t sound like it used to or simply like it should, it’s probably because its pitch has somehow been affected over the years which can be the result of many different factors.

Over time, humidity and other environmental factors can cause your piano’s pitch to change. When that happens, call on Hardman Piano Service, LLC to provide you with piano tuning and repairs in Scottsboro, AL and surrounding cites.

Your piano will sound the way it’s supposed to once I’m finished working on it and will be music to your ears.I can do more than just tune your piano, too.

When you get in touch with Hardman Piano Service, LLC for piano tuning and repairs in Scottsboro, AL, I can also repair any parts inside of your piano that have been broken or have deteriorated.

Additionally, I can help you restore the outside of your piano and bring it back to life if there is damage that has been done to the wood. I can even take your entire piano apart for you and rebuild it if necessary . I offer both complete piano rebuilding and partial piano rebuilding services. In some cases, it’s the only way to make your piano both sound and look like new again.

Looking for piano tuning and repair services in Scottsboro, Huntsville, Fort Payne, Rainsville, AL and other surrounding regions.
Call me at 256-574-4761 today to set up an appointment or to ask questions you might have about tuning, repairing, or rebuilding your piano.

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General Service Areas:

Scottsboro AL, Huntsville AL, Fort Payne AL, Rainsville AL, Henagar AL, Stevenson AL, Centre AL, Albertville AL, Bryant AL, Boaz AL, South Pittsburg TN, Trenton GA,







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